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We Did It!
For more than a decade, Plug In America’s top policy priority has been to extend and expand the federal EV tax credits. This week, a bill to do just that was signed by President Biden. In some respects, the Inflation Reduction Act is less than we would have hoped for, but in others, it is much more. Read more >>


What do the new EV tax credit rules in the IRA mean for you? 
It’s been a big couple of weeks for electric vehicles. You may have heard about the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) which includes the new federal EV tax credit and has now been signed into law by President Biden. The new EV tax credit has spurred confusion among interested consumers. We’d like to help answer what the IRA means for EV consumers over the coming days, weeks and months. If you’re interested in purchasing an EV, there are a few things you need to know. Read more >>


More EVs to phase-out ICE vehicles
California regulators are fine-tuning a set of proposed draft rules that would ban the sale of gas and diesel vehicles by 2035. The proposed Advanced Clean Cars II Regulations (ACC II), if adopted, will tighten existing state regulations to reduce vehicle emissions under a wider range of conditions, ensure battery performance and support equitable access to zero-emission vehicles. Read more >>


EV Charging for All update
SB 1482 is a critical step in ensuring that ALL Californians, including those living in apartments and condos, can access the environmental, health, and financial benefits of EVs—which means they need to have access to charging at the place where it's most affordable, easy-to-access and safe: at home. Read more >>


Tips for purchasing a new EV amid a vehicle shortage
With record-setting gasoline prices across the nation, a record number of drivers are considering EVs. It can be difficult to switch to green vehicles in this market, but not impossible as there are a record number of EV models available to order, and thousands of used EVs available across the country. Read more >>

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PlugStar EV Shopping Assistant
PlugStar is your go-to resource to compare electric vehicles, learn about incentives, get equipped for charging, and find certified EV dealers. Visit PlugStar.com today!


EV Support Program
Have questions about EVs, including charging or incentives? Call or email us to get one-on-one assistance! Contact us >>


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Upcoming EVents

National Drive Electric Week is almost upon us! Join us from September 23 – October 2nd to view the latest EVs and connect with current EV drivers. See you there! 

Fully Charged LIVE is coming soon! The world’s #1 home energy and electric vehicle show is returning to North America this September and we have a discount code exclusive to Plugged in America members. Use this link and apply PLUGINAMERICA to receive 15% off! 


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