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Speak up today for EV charging equity! 
Exciting news! Right now, we have a key opportunity to ensure equity for residents of apartments and condos in the next CALGreen building code cycle. Speak up today if you agree that California’s multi-family residents – who are more likely to be low-wealth, BIPOC, and/or more burdened with air pollution – deserve the same access to affordable and convenient at-home electric vehicle (EV) charging that residents of new single-family homes have enjoyed since 2015! Read more >>


We loved the Prius, but where are the electric cars, Toyota? 
Toyota made great environmental strides almost 25 years ago when they introduced the world to the Prius hybrid. The Prius was revolutionary for its time, but as we electrify our transportation system, hybrids alone won’t cut it. It’s time for Toyota to be a leader again and step up its production of an array of all-electric vehicles. Read more >>


A warm thank you to our supporters

To everyone who voiced your support for an expanded EV tax credit as part of the federal spending package—thank you. Unfortunately, we received news that the budget reconciliation bill that would expand the EV tax credit is not moving forward. Obviously, this is a huge disappointment. But thousands of our supporters took action and we want you to know that your messages were not in vain!

We have been fighting to increase federal support for electric vehicles for more than a decade. In that time, EVs have gone from an obscure issue to the top of the agenda in both houses of Congress and the White House. We couldn’t quite get it across the finish line this time, but this is not our first setback and definitely not our first rodeo. We’ll be back and continuing this fight when the opportunity presents itself and we’ll need your help again at that time. 


We're hiring!
Plug In America is looking to hire a Full-Time Communication Director and Full-Time Policy Director! A staff of passionate professionals, plus numerous consultants and volunteers, make up our dynamic team who work on programs focused on government advocacy, consumer outreach, dealer and OEM engagement, EV awareness, and member services. Join our team >>


PlugStar EV Shopping Assistant
PlugStar is your go-to resource to compare electric vehicles, learn about incentives, get equipped for charging, and find certified EV dealers. Visit PlugStar.com today!


EV Support Program
Have questions about EVs, including charging or incentives? Call or email us to get one-on-one assistance! Contact us >>


Support EVs and Plug In America!
Plug In America helps EV consumers, like you, create cleaner air through education and advocacy. You can help support our efforts by making a recurring gift of $7/month. Give today >>


Upcoming EVents

National Drive Electric Week is almost upon us! Join us from September 23 – October 2nd to view the latest EVs and connect with current EV drivers. See you there! 


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